Frisco Goes Back 2 Da Lab

I’ve always believed that Frisco is one of the most talented MC’s in UK music. For well over a decade now he has remained a consistent force with his sound, not only with solo releases, but also alongside the rest of the BBK crew. Both new lyrics and lyrics of Frisco’s past are always guaranteed to get a crowd energised and a DJ wheeling the tune, whether you pull those lyrics from ‘Too Many Man‘, or from one of his many freestyles. His flow has always been one of the best in the UK scene, with his influence very noticeable in other artists’ sound and flows currently.

One of the things that propelled Frisco to prominence other than his capability of turning raves into mayhem, is his ‘Back 2 Da Lab‘ mixtape series. Starting in 2006 with ‘Back 2 Da Lab Vol. 1‘ the series has now spanned a total of 12 years, with the newest addition to the series ‘Back 2 Da Lab Vol. 5‘ releasing at the end of March this year.

With features from some of the UK’s heavyweights including P Money, Tiggs Da Author, Chip and his Boy Better Know stablemates Skepta, JME, Wiley and Shorty; Back 2 Da Lab Vol. 5 is yet another statement piece from Frisco showing that he’s still capable of throwing the punches 12 years on from the first release.

Opening up with a strong, punchy lead song ‘When I Come Thru’ is a statement piece to anyone who thought that over the years Frisco may have fallen off from his spot. Using his nippy flow throughout the verse, Frisco kicks the project off to fiery start which continues into the next track ‘Cricket’. Featuring a screw-facingly bass heavy, clangy instrumental, Frisco laces the track with a silky smooth hook and staunchly confident verses.

The project features already released ‘Go Thru Face’ as one of it’s centrepieces. A track featuring JME & Shorty, in which JME delivers perhaps one of his best (of many) guest verses. Other tracks with guest stars include the highly anticipated ‘God Forgive Me’ featuring Tiggs Da Author is perhaps the diamond of the project, however, after it pays homage to Skepta’s infamous rave reload lyric of “God forgive me if I buss my 9″ from ‘Fuckin Widda Team’ for the chorus; ‘I See You’ featuring fellow grime heavyweights, and wrapping the project up is ‘Invasion‘ featuring Boy Better Know stablemates Skepta & JME.

The entirety of Back 2 Da Lab Vol. 5 is a showcase of everything Frisco has come to represent in his music. From the well-chosen and varied production throughout, to the ever-confident flow and lyrics, Frisco is standing proud and strong on this project. It’s an entire play-through mixtape, which seems to be a hard thing to find at the moment, but there’s no filler content packed in. All of the tracks serve their own purpose, bolstering the project as a whole, and could easily all be standalone tracks.

Frisco has long been regarded as one of Grime’s heavyweight MC’s – he’s your favourite MC’s favourite MC – and Back 2 Da Lab Vol. 5 only goes to further prove that point.

Back 2 Da Lab Vol. 5 is available to stream or buy NOW!



Author: Alex Potton

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