The Sounds of NN

I love where I’m from, the places within it, and the people that go a long way into making it the incredible place it is. It’s a town full of young, ambitious creatives and entrepreneurs all doing their best to help push Northampton into an even better place.

Over the last few years Northampton has been hitting the airwaves with the sounds coming from within the town. Musicians proudly wearing NN as a badge of honour as they pick up their instruments and microphones to show the world what we’re made of. They’re providing the youth in the town something more to aspire to, showing them that you don’t need to be from London to make it in life. You don’t need to go elsewhere to make it. You just need to hone your talent, mix it with a dose of ambition, and not only will the people of NN be behind you, you can make it.

From the grittier, hard-hitting sounds of Izzie Gibbs and Slowthai ranging round to the post-punk sounds of Fox Chapel, the indie-rock Barratts and everything else in-between, Northampton is home to incredible independence, diversity and creativity in music. It’s not just the artists themselves that are pushing music in the town, there’s also homegrown D.I.Y brands such as Not Normal Records, who are helping push the scene through their events and outreach, and all of our incredible venues that play host to events that help shine the light on local acts.

I’ve curated a playlist that highlights just some of what NN has to offer. Of course, there’s more out there than is on this list, but these are some of my personal favourites that go a long way in showing our diversity and strength in our incredible local music scene.

NN to the world! šŸŒ


Author: Alex Potton

Iā€™m Alex. Iā€™m a writer and photographer with a huge interest in fashion, music, technology, travel, food and culture (Iā€™m also pretty partial to great coffee and wine). This blog is a place for me to bring all of those together under one banner. Hopefully you enjoy reading and interacting. If you do then please feel free to leave comments and likes, or even follow the blog. You can also follow me on my personal networks!

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