The Wizard of Wandsworth Casts His Spell On Omeara

After just 6 months since his first sold out headline show at the nearby Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, the Wizard of Wandsworth, Ché Lingo, was more than ready to cast his spell on a packed out OMEARA.

The night started off with an incredible line-up of support acts. Mercedes Benson, Leon Jacques – who was lighting up the stage not only with his voice, but with a team of back up dancers and a routine – Kadiata – giving his high energy and swagger – DamnShaq – who, as a DJ, has one of the best personalities for a live set – the incredible Sam Tompkins, and Visions legend 7oel. But with the stage set and the crowd energised, it was time for the man of the moment.

Ché took to the stage, delivering his opening track of the night, and latest single ‘Mad Angle’ – a track which delves into and explores toxicity and breakdowns of communication in a relationship. Taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Sensitive’, Ché treated us to a run-through of his new material.


Photo by Andre Gordon (@iamandre.g)

Telling the crowd that he is using his musical journey to unlearn certain traits about himself like toxic masculinity, the material he performed from the EP were more slowed down tracks in comparison to the cadences of previous material. This new material allowed Ché to get a more vocal, more melodic – a style that he suits and flows with effortlessly! Another familiar track in the shape of ‘Feet Your Feelings’ had the audience moving, and even Ché himself getting his footwork in up on stage.

There was a huge buzz of anticipation as we were treated to the first listen of an upcoming collaborative track ‘No Sidekick’ with US artist Mick Jenkins; but it wasn’t just the audience who were excited for it, you could see the genuine enthusiasm and enjoyment in Ché’s face as Mick Jenkins voice reverberated around the venue.


Photo by Andre Gordon (@iamandre.g)

Che’s verse on the track punches with the same level of energy and cadence we came to know through tracks like ‘Zuko’ and ‘Channelling The Waves’. His wordplay, as ever, on this track is something to listen out for.

“Never really fit in the blocks, but learnt to play Tetris though”

After a quick change of outfit, Ché was back to deliver the second part of his performance. This time taking tracks from his Charisma EP, but packaging them differently.

‘Same Energy’ was delivered over a production by Sebjin, which offered the track a completely fresh twist, as the clangy, almost industrial sounding, bass-driven production worked incredibly for a high energy performance. ‘Zuko’ was delivered as an acapella, and from thereon, the night got even more interesting!

Che Lingo Headline Show_-27

Photo by Jerome Bowes (@i_am_jerome)

Ché’s close friend and collaborator Risky joined him on stage, and the energy smashed the roof real quick. As the DJ spun Grime instrumentals, Ché decided it was time to level up once more for the night, as he freestyled his material to the crowd, whilst Risky got the energy in the room bubbling.

I had been in the same venue for a Frisco show just a month prior in which the legendary Boy Better Know did a grime set. I can say with my hand on heart, that the energy and skill demonstrated by Ché at this show proved he could of even easily held his own, or even on a stage had he been in the venue a month prior, with the legends.

Che Lingo Headline Show_-47.jpg

Photo by Jerome Bowes (@i_am_jerome)

‘Metal & Rocks’ got the crowd formed into a huge mosh pit, and Risky hitting a stage dive as the energy crew in the room were active. The room was jumping, Ché was losing his voice. It was exactly what every artist and supporter could want out of a show.

The night wasn’t quite over, though. It was time for the track that every supporter in the room had been waiting for. A song that has come to almost define Ché Lingo – not in a sense that he’s pigeon-holed by it, but in a sense that it represents exactly what his music is about, representing and waving the flag for communities of people and real life situations. Speaking his truth, and speaking the truth for the people he knows and loves who don’t necessarily have the same platform. ‘Black Girl Magic’. A track that Ché has used to shine a light on a subject that is close to his heart – black women. There wasn’t a single person in the building who wasn’t singing along with a big smile on their face.

Che Lingo Headline Show_-45.jpg

Photo by Jerome Bowes (@i_am_jerome)

The show closed to chants of “T.R.I.P” (The Risk Is Proof), and it resonated very true. This year has been evidence of everything Ché and his T.R.I.P slogan stand for. After 2 headline shows, festival performances worldwide, and a slew of singles, the risk has most definitely paid off. The Wizard of Wandsworth will be casting spells on crowds for a long, long time!

Massive thanks to Andre Gordon (@iamandre.g) & Jerome Bowes (@i_am_jerome) for allowing the use of their photography in this article. 

Be sure to stream Ché Lingo’s recent EP ‘Charisma’ below!


Author: Alex Potton

I’m Alex. I’m a writer and photographer with a huge interest in fashion, music, technology, travel, food and culture (I’m also pretty partial to great coffee and wine). This blog is a place for me to bring all of those together under one banner. Hopefully you enjoy reading and interacting. If you do then please feel free to leave comments and likes, or even follow the blog. You can also follow me on my personal networks!

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