Slowthai has spent the whole of 2018 going from strength-to-strength and soaring further into the stratosphere. With numerous singles making an impact throughout the year, from Rainbow & Drug Dealer to his latest release alongside Mura Masa – Doorman.

Both Mura Masa & Slowthai have a feel of solid authentic, D.I.Y appeal in their individual sounds, and come together on this track to create the most punk-inspired side of Slowthai that we’ve heard to date. 

Slowthai has established himself as the most honest voice in UK music at present, as he offers up lyrics which tackle poverty, the wealth divide, and the struggles of the working class. It’s those very issues that inspired Doorman, as Slowthai explained: “I was at some yard in Chelsea after a night out and I saw 4.5 million pound paintings hanging on the wall and it made me sick… I went to the studio the next day and wrote Doorman. Doorman, let me in the door.”

It’s another stripe on the Northampton native’s ever-expanding shoulder of work, as he positions himself to fully dominate and takeover in 2019.

Check out Slowthai – Doorman on Spotify below.


Author: Alex Potton

I’m Alex. I’m a writer and photographer with a huge interest in fashion, music, technology, travel, food and culture (I’m also pretty partial to great coffee and wine). This blog is a place for me to bring all of those together under one banner. Hopefully you enjoy reading and interacting. If you do then please feel free to leave comments and likes, or even follow the blog. You can also follow me on my personal networks!

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